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The Agony of Migraines Now Associated with Asthma

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are a growing problem and affect as many as 38 million people living in America. One risk factor for migraines is genetics. If only one parent has migraines, there is a 40 percent chance their child will also have them. If both parents suffer from migraines, the probability their child will have migraines rises to 90%.

Migraines are not just a really bad headache. In fact, they are neurological in nature and a headache is just one symptom that may or may not accompany all migraines. Other symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity to light, sound, and certain odors
  • Nausea and possible vomiting
  • Visual disturbances

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Migraines Related to Asthma

A study was performed recently indicating there may be a link between asthma and migraines. It is theorized that the common link is inflammation. For asthma, this is inflammation of the airways, whereas with migraines, it is inflammation of the blood vessels. The study revealed that if you have asthma, your chances of also having chronic migraines (15 or more in a month’s time) double.

Another thing to consider about migraines and asthma is how they are both connected to the function of the central nervous system. The nervous system regulates the inflammatory response within the body. If something interferes with this, it may malfunction, leading to more inflammation than necessary. It has been seen that a misalignment in the bones of the upper cervical spine can negatively affect the nervous system. In particular, the C1 and C2 act as protectors for the brainstem. However, if they become misaligned due to injury or wear and tear, they can place stress on the brainstem, leading to migraines.

Finding Reliable Help for Migraines

Here at Tranquility Spinal Care in Wapakoneta, Ohio, we use a gentle method to help realign the bones of the neck if they have moved out of alignment. This restores proper communication to be sent to and from the brainstem, leading to a regulation of the inflammatory response and often improving both migraines and asthma. Some see their migraines go away entirely.


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