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Have you been struggling with vertigo, feeling dizzy and off balance? Sometimes the episodes can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. But don’t lose hope! There are natural care options that many people have found relief from, including the use of essential oils.

If you’re new to the world of essential oils, here are five (5) kinds that have delivered promising results for vertigo:


essential oils for vertigo

essential oils for vertigo

Upper cervical care can help you get more lasting results in managing vertigo and other accompanying symptoms. By having your upper cervical spine alignment assessed by an upper cervical chiropractor in Wapakoneta, you can address the underlying condition of why vertigo happens in the first place. Sometimes a misalignment in this area can trigger various symptoms, including vertigo.

To eventually stop your dizzy spells from happening, get yourselves checked at our office at Tranquility Spinal Care. Book your appointments ahead by calling (419) 738-9888 or through this online form to avoid waiting in line.

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