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There are many reasons why vertigo happens. If you consult with a Wapakoneta Upper Cervical Chiropractor for vertigo, you’ll know that this symptom can stem from different sources depending on its type. Knowing how to differentiate peripheral and central vertigo can help you navigate your symptoms more easily.

Peripheral Vertigo Vs Central Vertigo - What Is the Difference?

Natural methods are available to help you manage vertigo and its accompanying symptoms effectively. One method that can deliver promising results is upper cervical care. If your vertigo episodes are already interfering with your life, get your upper cervical spine alignment checked to know if a misalignment in this area is the reason behind your vertigo episodes.

Seek help from the trusted upper cervical chiropractor of Tranquility Spinal Care. It’s best to book your appointment ahead to avoid waiting. Call us at (419) 738-9888 or book online.


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