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Welcome! At Tranquility Spinal Care, LLC, we specialize in NUCCA chiropractic care for the most specific and gentle adjusting technique.

Regardless of your health or where you’d like to take it, we’re here to help!

Private Consultation

We provide private consultations for those who want to schedule time to privately discuss their health challenges one on one. During this brief 15 minute consultation, besides discussing your health challenges, we will take the time to explain:

  • What we do
  • What NUCCA is
  • How it’s different
  • How it works


After you have attended a Private Consultation, or if you want to skip that, you can call or email us for an appointment. You can choose from two appointment options:

  1. Discovery Appointment will take approximately 90 minutes
  2. Discovery and Adjustment Appointment will take approximately 3 hours

Discovery Visit

When you come for your discovery appointment, dress comfortably and avoid wearing metallic jewelry, as we’ll need to take X-rays.

We’ll start by discussing your medical history and current complaint, followed by X-rays and scans of the nervous system. We use the Insight Millennium System to do thermal scans and surface electromyography (SEMG) scans so we can see what’s going on with your health.

The scans and X-rays help us identify if there is a connection between your symptomatic complaint and your spine and nervous system. We share the results with you and relate our findings to what you’re experiencing.

Adjustment Visit

Treatment begins after the Discovery appointment. Some prefer to seamlessly move from the Discovery appointment to the Adjustment appointment on the same day while others prefer to separate the appointments into separate days. We begin with an analysis of your X-rays and scans to identify where the problem is and which side should be adjusted. We’ll take measurements and calculate the exact angle of the adjustment.

The adjustment is very precise, specific, and gentle. Though the area of contact is limited to the upper cervical region, it removes subluxations from your entire spine, balances your spine, and improves your posture.

As part of the initial process we will take X-rays and perform nervous system scans after the adjustment as well. These X-rays reveal the change in spinal alignment and the scans measure the improvement in the function of your body.

Follow-up Visits for Care

Your initial care can vary from a few weeks to a couple of months. We’ll give you a more accurate estimate of time after your Discovery session. Follow-up visits will take thirty minutes or less.

Wellness Care

When the initial care is complete you can also choose to continue with wellness care. This helps prevent recurrence of the problem and optimizes your health.

With NUCCA your posture is corrected and the benefit of adjustments lasts longer. In the first year of care, we generally adjust an average of 16 times (compared to 35-70 times with traditional chiropractic care). After that, the number of visits reduces significantly, sometimes to 4 or less per year. The aim is for you to be able to hold an adjustment for at least 3 months before needing a check-up or readjustment.

We recommend that you continue with wellness care so that you can live a healthy life and maximize your body’s potential. However, if you choose to discontinue treatment after the initial care is complete, we respect your decision. Schedule your appointments depending on how you feel—you know your body and we respect your decision!

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