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How the Upright MRI Helps with Migraine Pain

One may wonder what migraines and MRIs have in common. Most everyone has heard of an MRI or may have even had one at one time or another. However, not everyone is familiar with the upright MRI invented by Dr. Raymond Damadian. So how is this connected to migraines? The upright MRI (taken with the patient sitting or standing rather than lying down) has been instrumental in detecting how cerebrospinal fluid is flowing throughout the head and neck. Cerebrospinal fluid is vital to keeping the brain and spinal cord lubricated. If the neck bones are in proper alignment, then the upright MRI shows that this fluid is flowing correctly. However, it has been seen that a misalignment can hinder the flow. This creates the perfect scenario for a migraine to develop. The upright MRI also reveals that corrected misalignments lead to proper flow being resumed.


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Migraines Caused by Fluid Build-Up

If one of the bones of the upper neck – the C1 (axis) or C2 (atlas) – has moved out of position, it can hinder the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, causing it to build-up and creating intracranial pressure, an underlying cause of migraine headaches. The question now is, what can be done to correct this problem?

Migraines Alleviated by Proper Spinal Alignment

At Tranquility Spinal Care we examine patients closely using the latest imaging techniques to find out exactly where their misalignment is located. By doing this, we can then provide a patient specific adjustment to correct the misalignment using a very gentle procedure that does not require me to pop, crack, or twist the spine or neck. Instead, the bones are gently coaxed to move back into place naturally. The body can then take over and repair any damage that was done by the misalignment, leading to the return of the proper flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Many of patients, including those in case studies, have reported seeing a decrease in intensity and frequency of migraines. Some have even seen them go away entirely.


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