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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Tranquility Spinal Care, LLC

Gentle care for the whole family

Welcome! Ready to get started?

We understand how nice it is to know what to expect ahead of time. Enjoy some of our more commonly asked questions and then visit our What to Expect page to learn even more about our gentle care! For more information call us today! (419) 738-9888

Do you take insurance?

We are a cash-based office. We do not seek reimbursement from insurance companies but we will electronically submit your claims for you.

Payment is expected on the day of your appointment.  Payment is accepted in the forms of cash, check, and most debit/credit cards.

Read more about our financial policy here

How much does it cost?

We think it’s wise to invest in your health and visit a chiropractor before your body has a problem, because you can’t trade it in for a new one.

NUCCA, compared to other chiropractic care, may cost a little more per appointment. But consider that most chiropractors see their patients 35 to 70 times in the first year.  As NUCCA specialists, our adjustments are more stable. This allows us to see our members an average of 16 times in the first year and much less frequently for those who choose to continue with wellness care.

Cost Comparison Breakdown

How long does it take to feel better?

Recovery and initial care takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We can tell you a more accurate time after studying the scans and X-rays taken during your Discovery appointment.

What is the benefit in continuing treatment after the pain is gone?

Pain is only a symptom of the problem. Relief from the pain does not indicate that the problem has been resolved. If the root cause of the problem is not rectified, the problem and the pain will recur. Therefore it is beneficial to continue treatment until the end of the initial care period so we can ensure that the problem is rectified.

You can choose further treatment by opting for wellness care. Wellness care helps you to make the most of your body by optimizing your health. Just like regularly brushing your teeth and getting dental check-ups, you can choose to prevent future problems through wellness care. You may also choose to visit us for corrective care when you face a problem.

Why should newborns and children be adjusted?

Pediatric chiropractor

An adjustment so gentle that many infants, including Addie pictured here, sleep right through it!

Children grow over half of their height from birth till they are 4 years old. Birth, whether natural or assisted, can be a very traumatic process for the spine. It’s better to grow in a balanced state with the correct posture than to try to correct problems after they manifest themselves through symptoms such as pain or stunting.

Is it safe to adjust my newborn and how will it affect him or her?

It’s completely safe. The NUCCA adjustment applies less pressure than a dime, making it a very gentle process. The first adjustment corrects subluxations caused by birth and spinal balance is restored.

By taking care of babies we believe we are taking care of their mothers, too! Typically after an adjustment babies will sleep from 3 to 10 hours at a stretch. Their circadian rhythms improve and they tend to rest for longer periods without waking. Feeding times become more regular and adjustments can prevent and soothe colic.

Do I need a referral from my physician?

No, referrals are not required. You can come to us for a check-up or whenever your body tells you that it is facing a problem or needs care. We are always here to help.

I’ve had back surgery, is NUCCA safe for me?

Yes, NUCCA is extremely gentle and can help you heal, relieve pain, and improve your posture after surgery. The adjustment is delivered to the upper cervical region and there is no chance of negatively affecting the surgical site.

In fact we’d prefer if you came before surgery. A chiropractic adjustment before surgery improves the surgical success rate.

Still have questions? Call us today! (419) 738-9888