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Can Technology Cause Neck Pain?

It may sound strange to think about technology leading to neck pain. However, when one looks around and sees the number of people looking down at their phones or tablets to check the weather, keep in touch with friends, and keep up with the latest news, it may become easier to see where neck pain may be originating.

The term “text neck” has been coined to describe the negative effects on the neck when one is constantly looking down at mobile devices. While this is not an official medical diagnosis, the way the muscles, ligaments, and tissue change in the neck is causing serious health concerns. Most importantly, the natural curve of the neck is being changed.

Doctors use the term occipital neuralgia to refer to these changes. When one looks down at a phone, the weight of the head – up to 14 pounds – adds strain to the spine. As much as 60 pounds of pressure can be added depending on the angle of tilt. This degree of weight can lead to the upper cervical vertebrae being pulled out of proper alignment, thereby causing neck pain.

Primary care physicians may recommend a number of injections to block the signals from the nerves at the base of the skull. This is an unpleasant procedure and does not address the underlying cause of the problem. Many are turning to a more natural and pain-free alternative. Where can this be found?

Finding Help for Neck Pain

Tranquility Spinal Care in Wapakoneta, Ohio offers patients such an alternative. We know how important it is for the upper cervical spine to be properly aligned to help alleviate neck pain and properly support the head. If a misalignment has occurred, we use a method that gently realigns the bones of the neck. We use specific measurements and precise techniques that can deliver results in as little as one visit, bringing relief to neck pain caused by text neck or other reasons.


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