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Have you ever heard of silent migraines? Some patients needing migraine relief in Wapakoneta are surprised to know that migraines can sometimes not have headaches. Silent migraines are a real, debilitating health condition that can negatively impact your quality of life and keep you in a continual state of discomfort and exhaustion. Learn more about silent migraine facts below.

7 Shocking Facts About Silent Migraines

To help you get back to living a migraine-free life, try upper cervical care. Just like the other organs in your body, the upper cervical spine also needs care and maintenance. Misalignments in this area are common and can lead to different health conditions, including migraines.

Book an appointment with us by calling (419) 738-9888 or using this online form, and we’ll tell you all about upper cervical care for migraine and how it can help you. So don’t wait any longer; the sooner you visit, the sooner you can free yourself from pain and discomfort.

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